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Free Fillable Louisiana Power of Attorney Form

Do you want to enjoy peace of mind when life’s daily decisions and activities overwhelm you in Louisiana? You can enjoy all of this using Louisiana power of attorney forms to delegate some of your life’s critical decisions and activities. Moreover, Louisiana power of attorney forms allow you to delegate these decisions in a legally binding way. You only need to abide by the varying legal requirements in each state. However, all these power of attorney forms serve a common end—they allow you to delegate critical duties and decisions. 

Delegating your authority allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that a trusted helper is handling your life’s critical duties. A power of attorney form lets you donate some of your authority to a chosen individual who can decide and act for you. Moreover, the laws of Louisiana require them to act in your best interests.

Fillable Louisiana Power of Attorney Form
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Only in rare circumstances do courts or principals terminate a power of attorney. That’s why you should fill the forms carefully because they have legal implications. In this deal, the person granting and donating their authority is called the principal, grantor, or donor. The person receiving delegated authority is called an agent or attorney-in-fact.

This kind of trust allows principals to delegate their lives’ essential decisions and functions. For instance, parents can donate their right to decide for their minor children for their travel or military service abroad periods. They can also donate authority to make decisions for their business affairs. These agents can buy or sell assets for them. Agents also enjoy the authority to make medical decisions affecting their principals’ health. 

Therefore, all would-be donors should fill their power of attorney forms carefully. They must ensure that everything conforms to Louisiana’s Revised Statutes governing all matters regarding a power of attorney. The Act outlines all the legal boundaries surrounding a legally binding and enforceable power of attorney. Abiding by its provisions gives a power of attorney the necessary legal protection for easy execution. Therefore, all potential grantors must familiarize themselves with this Act.

Valid Reasons to Use a POA Form in Louisiana 

Louisiana power of attorney forms are not preserved for the chosen few. Any citizen in this state can use them to meet their various delegation needs. You only need to identify the right gaps in your life, requiring legally binding assistance to fill them. 

Elderly citizens can use POA forms to save themselves the hassles of attending to wearisome duties. For instance, they can delegate tasks like bill payment to a person they trust. They can also assign a steward to buy or sell properties for them. This way, they enjoy their retirement peacefully. Older people or those with a chronic debilitating illness may appoint trusted individuals to assist them with medical decisions. They can bank on their trust that they can give consent to appropriate medical procedures affecting their health. 

Busy business people may also use POA forms in Louisiana to develop themselves and their teams into higher proficiency levels. For instance, they may delegate recurring decisions and daily duties to their assistants. The forms enable them to delegate the power to pay, choose, or drop vendors to their operations managers while focusing on other strategic issues. The forms also allow them to pay, hire, or fire employees. 

These forms also enable parents to delegate their parental decision powers to temporary guardians. Thus, while parents stay abroad for an extended period, the signed POA allows agents to make critical emergency decisions for their underage children. 

You can also use these forms because you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you or your family. Some of the powers of attorney to delegate are discussed below.

General POA 

This arrangement allows a principal to donate their authority to an agent to manage their financial matters. Their tenure ends when the grantor dies or becomes incapacitated.

Durable POA

This power of attorney allows an agent to act and decide on financial matters even after their donor dies or becomes disabled. It’s an extended or durable version of the general POA that ends when the principal dies or becomes incapacitated.

Limited POA

This delegated arrangement has a specialized and limited scope. It gives an agent some specific duties within a given area of activity. For instance, the grantor may confine their agent’s authority to financial matters. In this setting, the agent can’t transact in medical matters. This POA’s tenure expires when the donor dies.

Vehicle POA 

Louisiana residents also delegate their powers to agents to handle all vehicle affairs. The POA lets agents do all the necessary paperwork. Besides, it authorizes agents to buy and sell vehicles for their agents. 

Parental POA

Parents use this form of delegation to donate their decision-making powers to trusted guardians. This power of attorney benefits parents and children when parents are traveling overseas for a prolonged period. Then, their delegated guardians make emergency decisions for underage children. Some of these decisions are giving consent for a medical procedure to save a child’s life.

Real Estate POA

Under this kind of arrangement, grantors donate powers to their agents to transact in real estate matters. The trust allows them to sell, manage, or buy properties for their donors. This power of attorney may either be durable or general.

Medical POA

This power of attorney authorizes an agent to make critical medical decisions for their grantors when they become disabled or unable to decide soberly. To exemplify, they can consent to particular medical treatment forms affecting grantors who have dementia or other types of mental conditions.

State Tax Power of Attorney

Louisiana laws allow grantors to donate powers to their agents to handle taxation matters. They need to fill an R-7006 form to initiate their power of attorney. This form allows professionals, mostly accountants, to prepare and file information regarding their taxes to the Department of Revenue.

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