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Free Fillable Texas Power of Attorney Form

While there are numerous legal instruments in the USA, the power of attorney form is among the powerful legal tools available for all residents. Completing these forms may require different requirements since they vary in each state. Hence, Texas residents are free to create any Texas power of attorney forms to fulfill different goals. These forms are binding contracts that permit you to select a person of your choice to become a decision-maker when you are physically or mentally incapable of executing personal affairs. The grantor or principal is the individual issuing authority, and the person accepting the role of a decision-maker is the agent or attorney-in-fact.

Fillable Texas Power of Attorney Form
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It is of paramount importance for a grantor to choose a trustworthy individual since the agreement awards powerful decision-making authority to a third-party. You can create a POA document when you become incapacitated or with a mental condition and need someone to manage your business or other personal commitments.  Or if a parent needs a guardian to care for their minor when traveling outside the country. Whatever your reason is, you can successfully create a power of attorney form and use it to pursue your legal objective. As a grantor, you can revoke the power of attorney agreement at any time if you feel that it no longer meets your goals.

While all power of attorney documents have to follow all the state’s legislation, Texas POA forms are not excluded. The legal documents must comply with Title 2, Chapter 751 of the Texas Estate Codes. These rules state the limitations in the power of attorney documents that also protect the grantor, agent, and the witnesses. These statutes have recommendations that can help to understand the POA completion process.

Here is a snippet of the requirements if you want to create a Texas power of attorney form:

  • According to the Tennessee state, all the parties involved must append their signatures on the form.
  • The legal documents must also have signatures from at least two or more witnesses of 18 years and above.
  • The power of attorney form must be similar to the one Tennessee state provides filed together with a disclosure form.

Why Use a POA Form in Texas

Creating a Texas power of attorney form varies from one person to another. Residents encounter different situations that prompt them to use this form. You may have an elderly parent who can no longer function normally; thus, making decisions become a challenge. Hence, they need to generate a power of attorney agreement and appoint a family member to be the sole decision-maker to manage their financial and medical affairs.

Also, soldiers who are deployed overseas for duty may have businesses back at home. In such a case, they may require a trusted individual to oversee all the business matters to ensure smooth management when they are away.

Furthermore, if you are a parent who must leave the country due to work commitments, you can create a guardian of minor power of attorney. It allows you to bestow critical decision making concerning your child to an agent who will be the temporary guardian. In case of emergencies, the agent will consent to any healthcare decision or any school-related issues. However, grantors must ensure that they are clear about the powers they assign the agents in this legal document.

Life can be quite challenging if you are physically and mentally incapable of handling your personal affairs. That is why you need to have a backup strategy using the power of attorney forms. Prepare for uncertain circumstances by creating a power of attorney form that will allow you to assign a reliable person to help you in case you suffer from various illnesses or accidents. Since there are different situations you can encounter, ensure that you select a suitable form to meet your legal needs.

Below are different types of Texas power of attorney forms:

General POA

This type of agreement allows you to assign authority to a credible person to manage your finances in your name. However, the document is rendered invalid if the grantor dies or becomes physically or mentally incapacitated.

Durable POA

This POA has similar functions as the general power of attorney since it permits the agent to handle the grantor’s financial affairs. However, it differs because its validity remains constant after the principal suffers incapacitation.

Limited POA

You can use this type of POA to assign particular instructions to an agent to conduct your affairs. The agreement is limited to specific assignments and decisions that the agent is supposed to exercise. It is a special kind of form that can accomplish your legal needs.

Guardian of Minor Child POA

When a parent wants to travel overseas for an extended period, the child power of attorney is the legal document to use in such a circumstance. It permits the parent to bestow an agent the role of a decision-maker in case of any emergency. However, this arrangement is usually temporary until the parent returns. Also, there is an option to create another legal form to select a substitute guardian if the original agent becomes incapacitated in the parent’s absence.

Medical POA

If a principal falls ill and is incapable of communicating their decisions to physicians over his/her health, medical power of attorney is used to allow the agent to make critical decisions. For example, if the principal has dementia, deciding on particular treatments is a challenge. Hence, a private attorney exercises the stated powers to secure the grantor’s welfare.

Revocation POA

When a grantor wants to annul an existing power of attorney form, he/she can use a revocation POA. It only requires the grantor’s signature and mental capability for validity. Such a proxy is used to end the relationship between the principal and the private attorney.

Vehicle PO

The Texas power of attorney, also called Form VTR-271, is a legal agreement that permits the attorney-in-fact to carry out all the vehicle transactions. Whether it is buying, selling, or communicating with the Motor Vehicle Department of Texas, the agent can also fill in all the paperwork.


A grantor can issue authority to a private attorney to prepare and file his/her taxes using this Texas tax power of attorney form. It is also called Form 86-113 in the state of Texas. The agent should be an expert in taxation to handle the process with professionalism while liaising with the Revenue Department of Texas.

Real Estate POA

This document permits you to issue authority to a private attorney to manage your real estate business in your name as the grantor. It allows the agent to execute certain transactions, such as buying, selling, or renting out property.

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