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Free Fillable Idaho Power of Attorney Form

The power of attorney or POA is one of America’s leading legal instruments with varying completion requirements across different states. Idaho residents may utilize the Idaho power of attorney forms to achieve various delegation needs.

While the completion requirements for the power of attorney form varies in different states, its essence and purpose remain the same. Eventually, an Idaho resident appoints a legally recognized agent to act on their behalf. A power of attorney allows you to appoint a trusted person to transact on your behalf when you can’t do so.

In this legal arrangement, the delegator is the principal, donor, or grantor, while their appointed steward is their agent or attorney-in-fact. The grantor authorizes their agent to take critical decisions for them and in their name. These decisions touch sensitive areas of life like business, personal property, health, and guardianship.

Fillable Idaho Power of Attorney Form
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All Idaho residents granting a power of attorney should abide by Title 15, Chapter 12 of the Idaho Code. This code has many provisions, but we will highlight a few of them in the following paragraphs.

  • The POA’s nature can be general, definite, or specific.
  • Unless the grantor specifies their POA, it remains in force until they die.
  • A power of attorney takes effect immediately unless its grantor specifies that it will take effect at a specific date or following a given event. If it takes effect after a specified occurrence, the principal should authorize one or more persons to give a written record that the event occurred.
  • Where the POA takes effect following incapacitation, but the grantor hadn’t authorized who should determine their disability or the authorized person can’t or won’t do it, the power of attorney takes effect following written record by an attorney or doctor.
  • Illinois laws allow for the termination of an agent’s authority when they die, resign, or become disabled. It also terminates when an agent’s marriage to a principal ends in a divorce or legal separation unless the POA provides otherwise. Their authority also ends when their designated power of attorney expires.

Reasons to Use a POA Form in Idaho

Idaho residents use the power of attorney document for many reasons. For example, elderly people lose their ability to make sound decisions or run their daily lives effectively. Some elderly citizens may be senile, suffer from dementia, or lack the physical vigor to perform some actions. Fortunately, they can delegate their authority to a trusted individual to act for them. Some senior citizens may want to dispose of their properties or pay their recurring bills. Agents come in handy during such times because they can assist them in doing so.

Sick people can also benefit from the power of attorney forms. The latter allow them to delegate their authority to make critical and urgent decisions while awaiting full recovery.

However, you don’t need to be elderly or sick to use POA forms. Healthy people can also benefit from them. A parent can delegate temporal authority to make emergency decisions on their minors’ behalf when they are abroad for some time. They can appoint a trusted person to stand in for them as guardians and make emergency decisions.

Busy business persons also benefit from the power of attorney forms. They can delegate their authority to pay salaries and suppliers while they pursue other things. However, they should specify and qualify their delegated authority to avoid abuse. For example, they must determine if their agents can fire workers or terminate supplier contracts.

Either way, anyone stands to benefit from these forms. You don’t need to be old, sick, or a busy business owner to use them. Remember, tomorrow is a promissory note and a mystery to all of us. Thus, you can delegate to enjoy different types of the POA. Below are some of the leading types of power of attorney.

General POA

This power of attorney authorizes individuals to take care of financial issues on their grantors’ behalf. The agents receive duties and have the legal authority to handle matters on their principals’ behalf. Their tenure expires when their principals die or become disabled.

Durable POA

This type of POA allows agents to make decisions for their principals in specific situations. It’s an extended form of the general power of attorney because it remains in force even after grantors die or become incapacitated.

Limited/Special POA

This type of stewardship is limited in its scope. The principal determines specific duties their agent should perform. For example, if they grant them the power to make financial decisions only, they can’t handle health-related matters. Its tenure expires following the principal’s death.

Vehicle POA

A vehicle power of attorney is related to the documents surrounding a principal’s vehicle registration and title. Form IDT-3368 initiates this POA.

Parental POA

Under this arrangement, parents can delegate a part of their decision-making powers over their underage children to temporary guardians. Mostly, they delegate this authority when they are abroad for an extended period. It enables the temporary guardians to make emergency decisions in the child’s interest. For example, they can decide that a child undergoes medical surgery to save their lives.

Real Estate POA

The real estate type of POA lets grantors delegate some of their authority to manage, dispose of, or purchase property to agents.

Medical POA

This power of attorney is a type of a living will in Idaho. You can use it to grant some of your authority to an agent to make medical and other health-related decisions for you. Mostly, elderly persons benefit from this type of POA. It also applies where the principal is mentally sick. Persons involved in risky jobs like commercial fishing or logging can also benefit from this type of power of attorney.

State Tax Power of Attorney

Idaho residents can also benefit from this type of delegation. It allows qualified persons, for example, accountants, to perform all tax-related duties on their grantors’ behalf. These agents can prepare and submit taxes for their principals.

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