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Free Fillable Washington Power of Attorney Form

Every citizen in the state of Washington has the right to create Washington power of attorney forms. These legal documents grant a trusted individual of their choice-referred to as the attorney-in-fact-the legal right to act on their behalf concerning medical, financial, or other business-related matters. Therefore, the one creating the power of attorney form—the principal—will need to choose someone responsible and able to act in a manner that cares for their well-being, making it an important decision. This is especially true in cases where a power of attorney lasts even beyond the principal’s deteriorating health, keeping their validity until death.

Fillable Washington Power of Attorney Form
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Along with many other states, the state of Washington has different power of attorney forms, all serving a different purpose. Any legal document must be accompanied by a notary public’s signature to be legally recognized and to hold up in a court of law in Washington.

Citizens of Washington interested in filling out a POA form will need to follow the format pointed out in the Washington Uniform Power of Attorney Act Chapter 11 Section 125. Here, they will find the format and rules and guidelines that help in the creation of the legal document at hand. Included in the list of specifications are:

  • The principal has the right to either grant or deny the attorney-in-fact the right to act on their behalf when making medical decisions. These can be minor or severe conditions, except for the life support decisions where the attorney-in-fact has no right to decide.
  • Principals will need to follow the power of attorney form highlighted in the corresponding statute as closely as possible.
  • If applicable, the principal must grant the attorney-in-fact the right to make health-based decisions.
  • The principal has the right to terminate a power of attorney at any given time with or without their chosen representative’s knowledge.

Why Use a POA Form in Washington

Each circumstance which involves the use of a power of attorney form is unique. The most common example deals with the elderly that may be declining in health year after year. Under these circumstances, they can hand over the responsibility of their finances and health to a trusted loved one.  Other cases deal not with health but with specific business transactions like the purchase, sale, or refinancing of the property, as well as filing of tax documents. Both cases differ significantly in the specifics and require a different approach to creating a legal power of attorney.

Business matters are usually needed only temporarily, while those concerning the principal’s well-being last until their demise. Those without an expiration must not wait too long in drawing up Washington power of attorney forms, as they are unable to create them if they are to become disabled or classified as unable to make decisions for themselves.

No matter the circumstance, one crucial part of creating the power of attorney forms is the selection of the correct document type. Included in the standard power of attorney forms are:

General Power of Attorney

This type of power of attorney allows the principal to pass over the rights of any financial or business matters to their chosen attorney-in-fact. This document will only remain legal so long as the principal is in sound mental health, losing its validity if they become disabled or die.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is also used in business and financial matters. However, in this case, the document remains valid even if the principal is to become mentally unstable. This document is often used in cases where elderly patients are declining in health or have a terminal illness.

Medical Power of Attorney

In cases where the principal is terminally ill or has been diagnosed with a disease that deteriorates the mind and/or body, medical power of attorney can be used. It grants the attorney-in-fact the right to decide based on the principal’s health condition, whether they are minor or critical.

Minor Child Power of Attorney

This type of POA is used when parents or legal guardians are needed to leave the country for an extended period of time-however no longer than a year. This form will give the chosen attorney-in-fact the right to sign any legal papers involving the child’s medical or educational well-being in question until the parent returns or the document is no longer valid.

Real Estate Power of Attorney

This type of power of attorney is used any time the principal is in the market of buying, selling, or refinancing a property. Most often, the attorney-in-fact is a professional in the field.

Tax Power of Attorney

The tax power of attorney (Form D-2848) is used to pass on the right to sign or prepare any tax-related documents. In most cases, principals choose a professional accountant or a trusted tax-preparer, as it deals with sensitive information. Though the attorney-in-fact is in charge, they are not responsible for any fees that may result from the misfiling or mishandling of documents. This also includes taxes owed to Washington Internal Revenue, which is the sole responsibility of the principal.

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