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Free Fillable Arizona Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In Arizona, the Bill of Sale is also recognized as the Arizona Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. The document correlates with the 48-2004 Form at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) portal. This form legally proves that motor vehicle ownership transfer from one person to another after performing the acquisition and can perform as a sales notice of receipt and purchase contract.

You’ll require the bill of sale template while registering the vehicle at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office in your area, thus making sure that all data, including the Vehicle ID Number, is correct and precise. The subscription of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form must be witnessed and verified by the notary public.

After performing all necessary actions, new owners, being residents of Arizona, must apply for Title and register the motor vehicle at a local MVD center. The final date expires within 15 days after the acquisition.

Arizona bill of sale forms – this section will help you find out more about other bills of sale useful in Arizona.

Fillable Arizona Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
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Arizona Motor Vehicle Registering Procedures

When you choose to buy a motor vehicle from a dealer or a company, you delegate the certification to the seller. As the dealer submits your documents on your behalf, check carefully that the appointed representative possesses a legitimate dealer’s license to avoid awkward situations and delays.

Residents of Arizona are welcome to register a recently obtained motor vehicle themselves. Follow our guidelines to discover mandatory measures that one must put in place.

The initial enrollment is only available to the residing citizens of Arizona or individuals in the thick of becoming one. If you want to submit the demanded documentation yourself, you have to visit the preferred MVD office in your area as the registering procedures are not accessible online. Below is the list of essential papers that you need to render to finish the registration:

  • Vehicle Title and Registration Form

Arizona law demands that one should apply to register the acquisition of a motor vehicle within 15 days after the gain. Otherwise, the Department will perform a penalty. Residents may apply for a Title at ADOT Portal.

  • Efficient car insurance

The document must contain data to prove that it is sufficient to meet the requirements introduced by Arizona law.

  • Arizona Bill of Sale Form

You can find this 48-2004 Application on the ADOT website. Follow our guidelines in the How To Fill Out the Form section of this survey to complete the document step-by-step.

  • Sold Notice

The paper proves that vehicle ownership is assigned to another individual. Until the Title gets registered in MVD or a Third Party Office, the seller remains legally responsible for the motor vehicle. We offer to submit this form within ten days after the sale or complete the Sold Notice Form online as soon as possible to avoid unwanted fines and investigations, as the Sold Notice will protect one from accidents that may happen after the acquisition.

  • Registration taxes and fees
  • Vehicle Identification Number certificate or application

Residents of Tucson and Phoenix need to enroll in the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Programm. You are welcome to discover the preferable Emission testing areas to submit the process.

How To Fill Out the Form

You are empowered to follow these easy but demanded actions to create the Arizona Bill of Sale online by using our form building software.

1.    Download the Document

Choose a preferable way of completing the documentation. You can submit online or print the form to fill it out manually.

2.    Specify the Vehicle Data

Pay attention to filling out the necessary data, including the Vehicle Identification Number, year, make (model), body style, sale payment amount, and the agreement’s date.

3.    Submit the Buyer’s Personal Information

Insert the buyer’s complete name, full address, ZIP code, date of birth, and driver license number. Email address is optional — fill in the data, if applicable.

4.    Provide the Seller’s Personal Information

Similar to the previous section, provide the seller’s full name, date of birth, complete address, ZIP code, and driver license number.

Arizona Bill of Sale doesn’t claim the buyer’s signature. Still, the document must contain the seller’s signature and the Notary or MVD Agent Signature, who will witness and confirm the complete form, date, county, and commission.

After sealing the Arizona Bill of Sale paper, the Notary Public may distribute the copies between the purchaser and the seller.

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