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Free Fillable Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The Vehicle Bill of Sale in the USA is a document between a buyer and a vehicle seller. This legal document exists to support a legitimate transaction for the sale and purchase of a vehicle (in this case, a car). In some states, the document is required and even requires certification by a notary. In Oregon, filling out the bill of sale template is quite simple. You do not need a notary, and the document itself is not required to obtain title and registration, but you do need it to provide evidence of ownership.

He usually handles all the paperwork and documentation if you buy a new car through a licensed vehicle dealer.

The seller must inform Oregon DMV (Department of Transportation Driver and Motor Vehicle Services) of the vehicle being sold within ten days of the transaction date. The buyer is given more time. He or she must register within 30 days after the date of the transaction. If the buyer registers later, he or she may be fined.

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Fillable Oregon Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Oregon Vehicle Registering Procedures

Be careful. Each state has its own rules about what documents must be provided to register a vehicle. If you have once performed such a procedure in another state, it does not mean at all that you know how to do it right in Oregon. Read our instructions carefully, and you will be sure that the procedure will go right.

In Oregon, the vehicle must be registered with your local DMV office.

If you have moved to Oregon, then you need to do the title work and registration.

If, as we mentioned above, you bought the vehicle from a licensed dealer, then he will collect all the necessary documentation and register the vehicle.

If you buy from a private seller, you will have to handle the entire procedure yourself.

List of documents that you will need for vehicle registering procedures:

  • Filled Application for Title and Registration
  • A bill of sale
  • Identification (might be a driver’s license)
  • The appropriate title and registration fees
  • The original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) is rehired if you are registering a new vehicle by yourself.
  • Original releases or bills of sale from any previous owners (if any)
  • Original lien releases from any previous security interest holders (if any)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (if any)
  • If you bought the vehicle from an out-of-state dealer and your vehicle is subject to the tax, you may need a Use Tax Certificate from the Oregon Department of Revenue.
  • You must present an Odometer Reading statement either on the back of the title or on the application.

How to Fill Out the Form

The Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale is a fairly simple one-page paperwork that is completed by the seller and the buyer of the vehicle. To successfully fill out the Oregon Bill Of Sale Form, use our form building software.

1.   Download the Template

Firstly, you must download the form. Use our form building software to do it. Then, open the downloaded document and print it, if needed. You also can insert the data via your laptop, except for the signatures.

2.   Provide Vehicle Information

You should fill in the vehicle’s plate number, year, male, VIN, and the title number.

3.   Fill in Buyer’s Information

Here the buyer must leave their details. Fill in the lines with the buyer’s full legal name, address, and date of purchase.

4.   Fill in Seller’s Information

You must put the full name or business name of the seller if it is not an individual.

5.   Provide Seller’s Signature

The seller must sign and indicate the date of release. Note that the seller has to do this twice. If the seller is not an individual, but a business, then an official representative must sign.

6.   Provide Seller’s Address

Please provide the full address of the seller, including city, state, ZIP code.

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