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Free Fillable Maryland Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The state of Maryland offers the Vehicle Bill of Sale document to validate several points:

  • The Bill of Sale verifies the ownership transfer and the legitimacy of the act of purchase and sale.
  • Odometer parameters

The bill of sale template includes a section reporting the distance and odometer readings, which is enough. In rare cases, one will need to provide a freestanding Odometer Readings Statement Form VR-197 while selling a motor carrier.

  • Provide the Bill of Sale at motor vehicle registering procedures

Enrollment of a vehicle doesn’t demand the purchaser’s presence if he or she obtains a vehicle with an authorized dealer. The purchaser receives a Bill of Sale and permanent or temporary plates, while the dealer company takes responsibility to submit the necessary certificates and applications at the Maryland Vehicle Administration. After the registration’s successful performance, the licensed dealer company will mail the original title to the obtainer’s physical address.

If you decide to acquire a vehicle from an individual seller or with an unauthorized dealership, you are obliged to compile the essential papers yourself, appoint an interview using the online form, and render the certificates at a local registration Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Department in person.

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Fillable Maryland Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Maryland Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Motor Vehicle Registering Procedures

The state of Maryland raises universal demands to register vehicles acquired either within the state or out-of-state. Residents of Maryland acquire a 30-days conclusive temporary certification to fulfill the requests of the state.

To complete the ownership transfer and obtain Maryland title, the residents must make an appointment at the full-service MVA branch office and provide the following filled-out certificates and documents in person:

  • A request for Maryland Certificate of Title

If you obtain a motor vehicle from an out-of-state individual party or dealer, you must fulfill the application form VR-005 for the Maryland Certificate of Title, which covers the inherent data about the purchaser, the vehicle specification, tax data, application for new registration plates or transfer of registration plates. The form consists of two pages and contains a list of mandatory papers that a purchaser should contribute to the MVA office during the registration.

  • Maryland Bill of Sale

The paper demands a notary public sign and seal. The differences in regulations rely on the vehicle’s age, book value, and purchase price. You are welcome to clarify the details at the Maryland Vehicle Administration. The Customer Service Center phone number is 1-410-768-7000.

  • Insurance Certification

The buyer must render proof that the vehicle under discussion has valid insurance coverage; thus, you will need to present the name of the insurance company, policy, or binder number along with the full legal name of the insurance agent.

  • Excise Tax

In Maryland, the minimum excise tax equals 38.40 USD and relies on the least book value. In most cases, it will cover 6 percent of a purchase price claimed in the notarized Bill of Sale, or 6 percent of the vehicle’s book value for the agreements with the absence of a notary witness.

  • Motor Vehicle Inspection

Used motor vehicles must complete an inspection procedure at any licensed Maryland examination company. The license has power for 90 days and must be included in the mandatory kit of registration documents.

  • Odometer Readings
  • A title or a document of origin as proof of new ownership
  • Lien and Security Interest Agreement

If the engine vehicle maintains any lien encumbrances, the purchaser must notify the institution that financed the vehicle.

How to Fill Out the Form

A bill of Sale introduces additional layers of security for both parties. Follow these obligatory actions to perform accuracy and save effort.

1.    Download the Certificate

Use our form building software to create a Bill of Sale document. The form comprises inherent data about the seller, the purchaser, the object of purchase, odometer parameters, the price, and a section for the notary public acknowledgment.

2.    Describe the Object Of Purchase

Start filling out the form with the vehicle specifications. Complete the slots that describe the item and insert the Vehicle ID Number or VIN.

3.    Insert Odometer Metrics

Specify the genuine odometer readings and check the boxes only if any statement is relevant.

4.    Fulfill the Notarization Obligations

To ensure the notary procedure’s validity, both parties must be present in person at the notary public office.

Specify the agreement’s date and fill out the purchaser’s and the seller’s legal printed names in the corresponding sections and collect the signatures.

Insert the notary printed name and the commission expiry date. The notary must support the document with the signature and seal the certificate at the bottom of the form.

Distribute the copies to the parties and leave the original at the purchaser’s disposal.

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