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Free Fillable New Jersey Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

It is common to sign a Bill of Sale type of document when transferring vehicle ownership. A Bill of Sale is a kind of form that is easy to fill out. Usually, both the seller and the purchaser fill out the bill of sale template, but sometimes only the seller needs to do it. If you live in New Jersey and are selling your vehicle, you will need this form. There is no state-approved version of the document, apart from the one that is applied to abandoned vehicles sold at an auction, but there are guidelines on what it must include.

Having a Bill of Sale is beneficial in different ways. It serves as proof of the deal between the seller and the purchaser. If you are the seller, you may want to make sure you will not be responsible for the vehicle at any point in the future, and a Bill of Sale document is helpful in these situations. If you are the buyer, you need to be aware of the registering procedures that follow the buying of a vehicle in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey bill of sale templates – find out more about bills of sale used for different assets in New Jersey.

Fillable New Jersey Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable New Jersey Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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New Jersey Vehicle Registering Procedures

If you live in New Jersey or have just moved there, and you are planning to buy a vehicle, you need to make sure both you and the seller follow the appropriate steps.

The seller needs to take the vehicle’s plates and take them to a motor vehicle agency unless they keep them for a different vehicle that they are buying or already own. Then they need to sign the title and give the title together with the bill of sale to the purchaser.

The purchaser then signs the appropriate section on the title and insert their driver’s license. Then the purchaser needs to visit a motor vehicle agency to finish the transferring of the title. It is important to note that the title should be transferred within ten days. Otherwise, you will receive a fine of $25.00.

Always remember that you need to submit the odometer reading when selling a vehicle.

How to Fill Out the Form

Download the Bill of Sale form for New Jersey and complete the following steps. For the best results, use our form building software.

1.    Fill in the buyer’s details.

Provide the name and the address of the buyer.

2.    Indicate the date of the sale.

State when the transaction took place.

3.    Provide the odometer reading.

The submitted odometer reading has to be as accurate as possible. The seller may estimate what the reading should be in case the obtained odometer reading is not accurate.

4.    State the price.

The Bill of Sale must include information about the sale price of the transaction.

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