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Free Fillable Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

When you buy a vehicle from someone in the United States, the deal is usually tied to a bill of sale. It is a paper that both participants of the deal complete and sign. The bill of sale template is brief, typically one page only, and looks like a regular contract.

A bill of sale states that the deal has taken place, and the parties have agreed on selling and purchasing the vehicle for a certain price. Plus, this paper advocates the one who has obtained the vehicle: it demonstrates the fact of the deal and the new owner’s rights to the property.

In the majority of the US states, people need a bill of sale to finish completing the document package, which is required for registering. Some states also accept only the forms that are verified by a notary.

Utah bill of sale templates – take a look at some other bills of sale used in Utah.

Fillable Utah Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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A bill of sale in Utah clearly states the types of transport applicable to the deal. This list includes a regular passenger vehicle, a boat, a motorcycle, and other vehicle types, eight boxes to choose from in total. While working on the form, signatories must choose one correct option.

In Utah, deal parties do not have to call a notary to create such a form.

The official rules of the local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Utah explain that the bill of sale is vital for both the one who is selling his or her property and the one who is obtaining it. Along with the title paper, for the seller, a bill of sale is another evidence of passing the ownership right. Another side of the deal, the one who is purchasing, has to have a bill of sale with a clear price to cover all the fees with taxes. The form in Utah has the official title “TC-843”.

Utah Vehicle Registering Procedures

First of all, get ready to cover all the payments, including local taxes. You may consult the local DMV to find out the full list of relevant taxes and fees in case of vehicle registering.

To get permission to use your vehicle on the Utah roads and highways, you have to gather several papers. Besides the bill of sale that we have mentioned above, among them will be the following:

  • Insurance that is valid in the state of Utah
  • A driving license
  • A certificate of title

Please note that if the object of the deal is ten years old or more, signatories also should complete the Odometer Disclosure Statement. In Utah, this paper is called “TC-891”.

How to Fill Out the Form

In Utah, the form is easy to fill out and is only one page long. Most likely, signatories will not spend much effort and time to finish the form completion. We have described the whole process step by step:

1.    Download the Template

To begin, you should find a template and download it. To make it easier, you may use our form building software. Then, insert the data and print the paper out to sign.

2.   Choose the Vehicle Type

In Utah, we have already explained that the form is relevant in selling a vehicle that belongs to one of the eight vehicle types. In the section on top, you have to opt for one correct type.

3.   Add the Price

Further, proceed to the lines where you should state the vehicle price. Write or type the sum in words, then add the numbers.

4.   Insert the Name of the Purchaser

Add the name of the one who is buying.

5.   Insert the Name of the Seller

Add the name of the one who is selling.

6.   Provide Basic Vehicle Description

A bill of sale in Utah has to reflect some basic details about the deal object. Insert a vehicle brand and model, a production year, and do not forget about a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is unique for any vehicle. Unlike the majority of the US states, a bill of sale in Utah also requires adding the number of the license plate of the deal object.

7.   Define the License Plate Status

After the vehicle description lines, you can see two boxes with statements: they define if the license plate is sold along with the vehicle or not. Choose the relevant box and put a tick there.

8.   Sign the Paper

Typically, both parties sign a bill of sale in the US. However, in Utah, only the one who is selling has to provide his or her signature. He or she also puts the correct date of signing. The form in Utah does not have space to add other details, so one signature and the date are enough.

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