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Free Fillable Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In Alabama, the Vehicle Bill of Sale corresponds to the Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale legal document that confirms the terms between the seller and the buyer and proves a motor vehicle acquisition. The document can be settled between two individuals or a company and an individual and requires registration within twenty calendar days of possession. Otherwise, The Alabama Department of Revenue will apply a penalty or interest charges following Section 40-12-260, Code of Alabama 1975.

Some Alabama counties introduce specific Bill of Sale Forms. Below is the list of documents that are applied relying on the location:

  • Use our form building software to download the universal bill of sale template or any county-based certificates.
  • Morgan County — Bill of Sale to Transfer a Motor Vehicle
  • Baldwin County — Bill of Sale
  • Lawrence County — Bill of Sale
  • Mobile County — Bill of Sale
  • Lee County — Lee County, Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale

Alabama bill of sale forms – access other bill of sale documents for Alabama with guidelines.

Fillable Alabama Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Following Section 40-23-104, Code of Alabama 1975, an individual must provide the following information in the sales document to prove the validity of the Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale (or equivalent form) by License Plate Issuing Public:

  • Full name information of the buyer or buyers.
  • The physical address, including ZIP code and registration data.
  • Full date of acquisition defining day, month, and year.
  • A comprehensive description of the motor vehicle, comprising the body type, vehicle identification number, model, construction, and series data, year of assembly.
  • The seller’s complete name and DBA (doing business as) data. If the dealer or an agent obtains a dealer’s license number, it must be present in the sales document.
  • The seller’s full address, including ZIP code and registration.
  • According to Section 40-12-260, Code of Alabama 1975, licensed dealers must include and print the warning information displaying penalty charges and registration deadlines.
  • Provide signatures of all participants or licensed representatives.
  • Price and tax date of the vehicle introduced in the Bill of Sale form.
  • In some cases, a licensed dealer may present an affidavit comprising the price of the acquisition. There may be some restrictions. Thus it is essential to consult higher authorities on every matter.

Alabama Vehicle Registering Procedures

If you want to avoid penalties and charges, you must register a new motor vehicle within a deadline of twenty calendar days since the purchase took place. You are welcome to visit a local County Title and Registration Office and take the required actions. Below are mandatory papers that a new purchaser must provide:

  • Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title.

If you haven’t got any, you are welcome to use the online Public Title platform to accomplish requested actions via the internet. You can create an account or login with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo profiles.

  • Liability Insurance
  • Registration tax.

Make use of Alabama Registration Fee Schedule data to provide the requisite registration tax.

Every new purchaser must complete the Vehicle Identification Number procedure and get an accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Form. Following Sections 40-2A-7(a)(5), 32-8-3(b)(2), and 40-23-104, Code of Alabama 1975, the vehicle must obtain physical inspection by the license plate.

Steps to Fill Out the Form

Below you will find essential guidelines that explain how Alabama residents can create a Bill of Sale document in 2020.

1.    Download the Bill of Sale Form

Use our form building software to download the Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale and start filling the form section by section with accuracy. Define the date and Alabama County.

2.    Define the Parties’ Information

Fill out the purchaser’s and the dealer’s full names, provide the participant’s complete physical address data or email address information if applicable.

3.    Fill Out the Payment Information

Define the exact method of payment or equivalent means of purchase. Some forms offer to check one of the alternatives: payment, trade-in, and gift options. The Gift form requires additional information. Follow the document structure to specify the data.

4.    Describe the Motor Vehicle

Provide a complete description of the motor vehicle, including such essential data as make, model, body type, year, color, odometer, miles, and the Vehicle Identification Number. If the purchase object has any lien history, make sure to specify this information and insert the actual date.

5.    Fill out the Odometer Disclosure Statement

Specify the requested information precisely as failure to provide this information, as well as fake data, will result in penalties. To verify this part of the Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, you will need signatures of both parties and two witnesses.

6.    Collect the Signatures of Notary Public

The Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale includes the Certificate of Acknowledgment. Thus you must provide the required signature from the notary public to validate the form.
Notarization is optional in Lawrence County and Mobile County.

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