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Free Fillable California Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In California, the Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale Form (Reg-135) is an official paper, which serves as legal evidence of a sales transaction between the one who is transferring the rights of possessing the vehicle, and the one who is obtaining them, becoming an owner of this machine. The bill of sale template might be used to legitimize the purchase not only of motor vehicles but also boats and other vessels. Even though California’s law does not necessarily require this form to proceed to the vehicle registration with the DMV, it will be utterly important for the seller(s) and buyer(s) to keep records and protect themselves from undesirable situations in the future.

California bill of sale templates – get other bill of sale forms for California together with instructions.

Fillable California Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable California Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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California Vehicle Registering Procedures

According to California’s law, if you purchase a vehicle from another individual but not through a car dealership, it is considered a private party purchase. A buyer(s) should transfer the vehicle’s ownership from a seller(s) to himself within ten days. A newly acquired vehicle of a California resident should be registered within 30 days after the purchase procedure is done. To receive the registration certificate, you will be in need of visiting your local DMV office (having arranged the appointment in advance) and prepare a package of documentation, including:

  • The Application for Title and Registration (Form Reg-343)
  • The Bill of Sale (if the seller is not the person whose name is on the Title)
  • The Odometer Records
  • The Smog Certificate (read more about it below)
  • ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Fee Receipts

The Smog Certificate is a document, which you do not need to provide as long as the seller, being the former owner, has renewed it during the last 90 days. Otherwise, the one committed to acquisition is required to get and show this document if the vehicle is less than ten years old.

An employee of the DMV will process your request and inspect the vehicle’s VIN, which will eventually lead to issuing your registration card, stickers, and plate.

How to Fill Out the Form

An ultimate step-by-step directive that may help you complete the California BOS form accurately is there below. Utter precision is essential.

1.    Obtain the Form

Download the form from any reliable source or simply use our form building software to fill it out with all the mandatory information.

2.    Input Information about the Vehicle

You will start submitting the form with a detailed description of the vehicle, which implies its ID, year model, make, license plate/CF, and motorcycle engine.

3.    Prove the Agreement

The next step will be notifying the act of transferring ownership to the buyer, inputting the date of purchase, and the negotiated price in the section. If the vehicle appears to be a gift rather than a purchased machine, you should indicate relationships’ status.

4.    Fill out the Seller’s Data

The seller(s) affirms to willfully trade the vehicle/vessel, providing his full name, mailing address (including city, state, and zip), as long as the day of legitimizing the document. The DL, telephone number, and ID should also be entered, though Dealer Number is not required if the act of selling a vehicle happens to be between individuals.

5.    Fill out the Buyer’s Data

The buyer(s) is supposed to enter his full name, mailing address, indicating the city, state, and zip code.

Please take the following into consideration: both upper and lower parts of the document should be filled out, then cut and saved for both parties’ records.

Eventually, as a seller, you will possess a draft, claiming that you are not liable for the vehicle any longer if the car/vessel’s next owner causes any damage resulting from the negligent operation. As a buyer, you can be sure that if any previously undiscovered defects of the vehicle are found, you will be able to evince it and ask for compensation.

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