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Free Fillable Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form, also known as Arkansas Vehicle Power of Attorney Form 10-313, is an official paper, which proves that the act of voluntary sale and purchase of a motor vehicle between two individuals (or an individual and an organization) has been legally committed. The Arkansas Vehicle BOS may be required for bona fide transfer of vehicle ownership or further Vehicle Title and Registration, and it protects both parties from any undesirable situations. The bill of sale template contains both buyer and trader’s personal data, confirms the act of their willful agreement, and discloses the precise odometer reading.

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Fillable Arkansas Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Arkansas Vehicle Registering Procedures

Once the buyer has committed the act of acquisition, legally stating the sales transaction in the BOS form, he will need to request being registered, which should be initiated within 30 days. First, you will need to fill in the application with your personal data and the information about your automobile and proceed to pay the fee online afterward. The DMV will send you notifications about the current status of your application. After it is confirmed, you will get the plate and registration via the mailing service.

A package of certain documents to register the motor vehicle is demanded. Do not begin applying for registration until you are not sure the first two mandatory documents are ready, as you will specifically need them.

  • Primary Document (Arkansas Title, Bill of Sale, Manufacturer Statement of Origin, Out of State Title)
  • Insurance Card
  • Federal Odometer Statement

The following papers also might be necessary:

  • Personal Property Tax Number assigned from your county assessor.
  • Lien Contract
  • Current Year County Tax Assessment
  • Proof of Paid Tax Receipt

How to Fill Out the Form

Have a look at the following steps and carefully complete the Arkansas BOS form:

1.    Obtain the Form

To fill out the form, you will need to download the template or use our form building software.

2.    Input the VIN

The first of the several sections in this form is filling in the VIN, which stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Be certain to check it thoroughly.

3.    Submit the Buyer’s Personal Info

You will need to insert the first name, middle initial, and the last name of an individual implementing the acquisition and the address (including city, state, and zip).

4.    Indicate the Seller

Considering that the seller might be either an individual or a company, the form suggests sections 3 and 4, depending on the dealer’s legal identity. If the seller represents the entity, he will need to share the information about its name and complete address. An individual seller has to input his personal full name and address as well. Mind that if the vehicle is in possession of more than one owner, a special box will need to be checked.

5.    Describe the Vehicle

Right after filling in the date of the purchase, in section 6, you will provide a detailed description of the vehicle, which implies the make, model, year, and primary and secondary (if applicable) colors. No Trade-In information needs to be mentioned if the act of transferring the ownership is between two individuals.

6.    Record the Odometer Readings

Section 7 requires to be filled out with the mileage of the vehicle. If the odometer’s mechanical limits have been exceeded, rather than odometer discrepancy has been discovered, certain boxes should be checked.

7.    Sign the Form

Ensure that all the information you have filled out is correct and introduce the negotiated full price before both parties put their signatures.

Both previous and current owner(s) should get a copy of the document, which can be reproduced if not changed from the original.

Important: the seller of the vehicle affirms to receive a taxable amount of money and is aware that any attempt to evade or defeat tax payment will be considered a felony by Arkansas law, as well as the assistance to do so.

It is also worth mentioning that according to the law of Arkansas (Ark. Code Ann. §27‐14‐911), the seller may inform the OMV about the act of delivering the possession of the vehicle to the buyer online, notifying he is not any longer responsible for any damage resulting from inattentive operation by the new owner.

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