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Free Fillable Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The Bill of Sale form is the form that proves the selling process of the vehicle. Typically, it includes the personal details of one who sells and one who buys. Every US state has its rules for creating such a form and a bill of sale template that differs.

In the state of Illinois, this paper is called Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. It includes several features and basic characteristics of the motor vehicle that one is selling.

If the government concerns the deal pricing, one should also provide a RUT-49 form or the Affidavit of the vehicle transaction. There, both deal parties state their personal data along with the vehicle model, a unique Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN), and other details. If the applicants face questions, the form contains the phone number and website address they may visit in case of questions and uncertainties.

Like section 625, ILCS 5 of Illinois Vehicle Code prescribes, the buyer is obliged to have the Bill of Sale in order to register the purchased vehicle. It must be notarized, too.

Illinois bill of sale templates – discover more about bills of sale used for other assets in Illinois.

Fillable Illinois Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Illinois Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Illinois Vehicle Registering Procedures

Registering a vehicle in Illinois is accompanied by paying several taxes and fees. The new owner has 20 days to complete the procedure.

Besides the form of Bill of Sale, the required package of the papers to register your vehicle in Illinois contains the following:

  • Insurance proof (made in Illinois)
  • ID card (either your regular identification card or driving license)
  • Document stating the transfer of the ownership (a title)

Regarding the fees, one has to pay, see the official instructions for the RUT-50 released by the Illinois government. This brochure will guide you through the amount of taxes you pay, depending on the vehicle age and other factors. You have to fill this form out and deliver it with other papers.

The tax starts from 25 US dollars. The newer the vehicle, the higher is the sum. It can get to almost 400 US dollars.

Do not forget to state the details of those who have the liens, if it is applicable.

When all the papers are ready, proceed to visit the Secretary of State’s Office in your area.

Please note that all of these papers are needed if your motor vehicle was purchased from a person (for instance, a previous owner). When buying from an official dealer, ensure that it has the proper authorization, and the company will take care of the procedure.

How to Fill Out the Form

As in the majority of the US states, the form is short and fits in one sheet of paper. It is straightforward, starting with the exact phrase that notifies about the closed deal and its price. Check out the instructions and six steps below.

1.    Download the Template

Use our form building software to obtain the form template.

2.    Start Filling the Form

The first lines include the parties’ names and the vehicle’s exact price. Below, signatories will see a chart.

3.    Add Vehicle Info

In the chart, parties need to add motor vehicle features. Besides the standard VIN, model, manufacturing year, and color, the chart has lines for the style, title, and mileage. Check the odometer and record the number of miles.

4.    Indicate Title Transfer and Expertise Conditions

Together, parties must agree on the period in which a buying side receives the title, and the expertise might be done.

In Illinois, the Bill of Sale involves the opportunity of sale cancellation. In this case, a former owner does not have to return the advance payment: the form lets him or her leave the money for the promotion to resell.

5.    Read Other Conditions

Read the conditions of the deal thoroughly. For instance, the previous owner must confirm that the odometer record is true, and he or she does not know about any problems with the vehicle that might be hidden from the buying party.

6.    Sign the Paper

After everyone has read all of the conditions and agreed on every point, parties need to add their names and signatures. Do not forget to call a notary to close the deal, fill in the witness’s name, and write the current date.

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