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Free Fillable Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

A Bill of Sale form is a type of legal form that often serves as proof of a vehicle’s transaction between the seller and the purchaser. In Texas, the seller and the purchaser do not have to submit a Bill of Sale. If you want to sell your vehicle or to buy one from a person in Texas, you may still want to have a bill of sale template filled out to have the details of the deal on your hands whenever you need proof. It is beneficial for the seller, as it is easier to prove that you are not liable for the vehicle anymore if something happens to it after the deal. To make sure that you are not liable for the vehicle anymore, submit a Bill of Sale form to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days of the deal.

Make sure to keep in mind that even if you have submitted a Bill of Sale, you have not yet transferred the rights to the vehicle.

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Fillable Texas Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
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Texas Vehicle Registering Procedures

To properly transfer the vehicle’s rights from the seller to the purchaser, the purchaser has to submit a title application to the county tax assessor/collector’s office. Obtaining a new title is very important. There is a case when you do not have to do it yourself — if you buy from a dealer. They will submit the title application for you. Remember to ask them for a receipt and keep it safe.

If you are buying from a seller who is not a dealer, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that both of you need to go to the country tax office. The seller needs to provide the purchaser with the signed vehicle title, an application for a title and/or registration, and any other relevant documents.

Keep a written record of the details of the transactions. Having a Bill of Sale is very helpful for this purpose.

How to Fill Out the Form

For best results, use our form building software. Follow these steps when filling out the form.

1.    Read the information and instructions carefully.

Although we have outlined the transaction process for you, make sure you read the form carefully before starting to fill it out.

2.    Provide information about the vehicle.

A Bill of Sale always contains basic information about the vehicle. You need to fill in the Vehicle Identification Number, the title, the license plate number, and when the vehicle was made, its model, body style, and make.

3.    Provide information about the transfer.

State the transfer date and additional details, such as whether you are keeping your plates if required.

4.    Fill in the details of the buyer and the seller.

Provide the full names, addresses, including zip codes, phone numbers, and emails of both the seller and the purchaser.

5.    Sign the form.

The seller signs the form and certifies that they have transferred the vehicle and that they understand that the vehicle will still be in their name until the purchaser gets a new title.

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