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Free Fillable Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

The bill of sale template is appropriate for vehicle and vessel means. You will sometimes meet the Connecticut Vehicle/ Vessel Bill of Sale wording to emphasize that a purchaser and a seller establish an agreement concerning either water or surface motor transport. The paper is officially recognized as H-31 Form and can be downloaded using our form building software or entering Connecticut’s Official State Website.

Connecticut bill of sale forms – consider several other bills of sale common in Connecticut.

Fillable Connecticut Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Connecticut Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Connecticut Motor Vehicle Registering Procedures

In Connecticut, registering procedures require to complete several steps which depend on the following factors:

  • Title origin

As Proof of Ownership form, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) demands original title documents. In case the vehicle comes from another state, make sure if there are any requirements to provide the title. Applicants are welcome to learn more in the Title Information by State corresponding section at the official DMV State of Connecticut website.

If the vehicle doesn’t possess another state title specifications, the new holder needs to provide registration from the former purchaser or a letter of registration from the former state Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Leasing

Request to obtain original Power of Attorney papers from your leasing company to use them as proof of ownership.

  • Lien issues

Connect to your lienholder to obtain the original title for registration of your vehicle in the state of Connecticut.

You are welcome to use the corresponding application letter from the official DMV website and proceed with the registration once you obtain a confirmation notification from Connecticut DMV. To ensure that your vehicle title data enter the base, you are encouraged to wait extra five days after the approval report.

In case you cannot provide the original title form on the date, please, follow the Connecticut Courtesy Registration to win more time for obtaining the original documents.

Without a vehicle registration, citizens may not drive the vehicle legitimately on any type of road or interstate. New residents of Connecticut are empowered to register the vehicle within 60 days from confirming residency.

What Documents You Need to Provide

Before applying for registration of a vehicle in Connecticut, a purchaser will need to prepare documents as listed below:

  • Identification

An applicant should provide a valid certificate of identification. The package of documents depends on whether an individual is a resident, a military man, one using the services of a dealer or leasing company. See the complete list of demands on Connecticut’s Official State Website. In most cases, a driver’s license, US passport, or State ID card will do.

  • Valid liability insurance for each vehicle
  • Connecticut Registration and Title Application (Form H-13 B of Connecticut DMV)
  • An original Certificate of Title as the proof of ownership paper
  • Bill of Sale (Form H-31)

We will complete a full checklist for how to fill out the form in the following section of our review.

  • Fees and taxes

Vehicles with no lien will require a $195 fee. Lien issues add an extra $10 charge. Follow the state of Connecticut fee chart to understand the amounts.

  • Connecticut residents need to provide an emission test certificate if they have vehicles with an another-state title. TThenspection charge equals $20, while the procedure is available at the preferred local Connecticut Emission Test Center.

Once all preparations are complete, a new purchaser can enroll registration by appointment at a preferred local Department of Motor Vehicles office in person. You are welcome to apply online using the Connecticut DMV appointment service.

Steps to Fill Out the Form

Below are the guidelines for completing the Bill of Sale Form in Connecticut. Follow the instructions to cover the required data.

1.    Download the Form

Use our form building software or Connecticut’s Official State Website to download the H-31 Form.

2.    Define the Purchase

Choose either a motor vehicle, a vessel, or specify other variants.

3.    Specify the Seller Information and Selling Price

Here you should provide the seller’s full name and complete physical address, including ZIP code.

Fill out the amount of money transferred to the buyer.

4.    Fill out the Buyer Information

Make sure to provide the purchaser’s full name and complete address.

5.    Describe the Motor Vehicle

Be ready to provide the essential data filling the boxes. You need to specify the make, year, color, model name or number, body style, odometer data, and Vehicle ID Number (VIN).

Carefully insert the requirements into the slots.

6.     Skip the Description of Vessel Section

As the purchase concerns only motor vehicles, let these slots remain empty.

7.    Collect Signatures

In Connecticut, you don’t need to notarize the Vehicle Bill of Sale certificate. Thus the seller’s signature will be enough.

Wrap up the agreement notifying the date.

The purchaser gets the original papers; therefore, the parties are welcome to make copies.

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