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Free Fillable Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

A Bill of Sale form is a legal document that describes a vehicle purchase’s details, such as the details of the persons participating in the deal and the vehicle’s description. It also includes information about the odometer reading, which is always included in such documents. Always record the actual odometer reading value before selling your vehicle so that the buyer has the information about how far the vehicle has traveled. It is a usual requirement for selling or transferring a vehicle. When the purchaser needs to complete the registration, they will need a bill of sale template with these details, unless the seller has entered the price on the title. The form will serve as proof of the transaction between the purchaser and the seller and will free the seller from being liable for the vehicle.

Idaho bill of sale templates – find more bill of sale forms for Idaho together with directions.

Fillable Idaho Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Idaho Vehicle Registering Procedures

When registering a vehicle in Idaho, bring your identification card (or driver’s license). Remember that the vehicle should be titled in Idaho prior to you going through the registering procedures. The seller must properly release the title so that it can be assigned to the new owner.

The purchaser will need certain documents when applying for registration at a country assessor’s motor vehicle office. This should be done within 30 days of the transaction. A fine of $20.00 applies when the registration is delayed beyond 30 days.

As in many other states, you will need the odometer disclosure, as well as the Vehicle Identification Number Inspection. Attach the Power of Attorney if you are applying for a title.

Remember to pay the appropriate fees, such as the sales tax, and provide proof of paying the tax. You need to be aware of other fees, such as the title fee of $14.00 and the registration fees (see the “Registration Fees”).

Finally, the Bill of Sale that, as mentioned above, includes the details of the seller, the buyer, and the vehicle. Remember that lying in the Bill of Sale form will count as a felony.

How to Fill Out the Form

Download the Idaho Bill of Sale form and fill it out following this step-by-step procedure. For the best result, you can use our form building software.

1.    Provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and the title.

First of all, you will need to state the VIN that normally consists of 17 symbols and the title number.

2.    Provide the required information about the vehicle.

Here you need to state the details describing the vehicle. These include the make and the model, the year of production, and a brief description.

3.    Confirm the odometer reading.

One of the most important parts of the form is where you provide the odometer reading, which is necessary for the procedure.

4.    State the details of the buyer and the seller.

The largest section in a Bill of Sale type of document usually consists of two columns where you fill in the buyer’s and the seller’s information, such as their legal printed names, physical addresses, and phone numbers.

5.    Confirm the selling price.

The seller has to indicate the real price in a special box.

6.    Sign the form.

Both the purchaser and the seller confirm their understanding and the content with their signatures. Specifically, the seller confirms that the price was indicated correctly, and the odometer reading is accurate.

The seller confirms that they are aware of the odometer reading. Also, if you are the buyer, remember to apply for the title within 30 days.

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