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Free Fillable Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In the US, while completing the deal where one individual sells a vehicle to another, parties should complete a legal bill of sale template. This paper typically consists of both deal participants’ personal information along with the main vehicle details.

Virginia bill of sale templates – learn more about bills of sale that can be used for other property types in the State of Virginia.

Fillable Virginia Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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The key goal of a bill of sale is to clarify the vehicle price and prove that the deal is closed. In most states in the US, this document is an essential item in the package that the applier to a vehicle registration should provide. There are several states where the government requires the form to be notarized.

In Virginia, the local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) suggests either provide a handwritten version of the bill of sale or complete a specially created SUT-1 or SUT-1A forms:

  • SUT-1: A Vehicle Price Certification. Use this one if the vehicle that is the object of the deal is more than five years old. This is the official form used instead of a bill of sale in Virginia, and it is needed for the titling process. There is no obligation to notarize this paper.
  • SUT-1A: An Affidavit of Vehicle Purchase Price. Use this one if the vehicle is five or fewer years old. This paper is used for determining the tax that one pays when titling the vehicle. A notary should verify and sign this document.

So, an official form of the vehicle bill of sale in Virginia takes place when the vehicle is older than five years old. The main aim of such a document in this state is to reveal and confirm the selling price.

Virginia Vehicle Registering Procedures

In the US, registering a vehicle means paying numerous fees and providing several documents. Also, ensure that you have purchased valid insurance for the vehicle because it is also a vital part of the documents package.

Apart from the items mentioned above, your package will include the following documents:

  • An ID card or driving license
  • An Application for Registration (officially named VSA 14 form)
  • A certificate of title for the vehicle

In Virginia, the DMV also asks for emission tests for some vehicles in several counties. Consult your local office to clarify whether you need that or not.

After finishing the paperwork, you may apply to one of the DMV offices located in your area in Virginia.

How to Fill Out the Form

Remember that the actual “bill of sale” form in Virginia is provided for vehicles of a certain age. We have prepared the guide so you can complete the form correctly, step by step:

1.   Download the Certificate Template

To start creating a form, download it first. For a successful beginning, use our form building software to save the file.

2.   Prepare the Vehicle Details

Gather the basic information about the vehicle that is the object of the deal: a manufacturer, an exact model of the vehicle, a year of production, a vehicle color, a VIN (a Vehicle Identification Number that is exclusive for every vehicle). Also, add the type of vehicle. Insert all of the details in the relevant lines.

3.   Fill Out the Certification of Seller Section

Here, you should provide the vehicle price in US dollars. There are also statements where you agree on providing truthful information and take responsibility law-wise. Read them thoroughly and sign if you are a person who is selling. Insert your full name on the left-hand side, a date on the right, and a signature in the middle.

4.   Fill Out the Certification of Purchaser Section

Below the previous section, you will see the same text but for the buyer. He or she needs to put a selling price again. The locations of the name, date, and signature are the same as above.

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