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Free Fillable New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

When two parties (individuals) conclude a deal of a vehicle selling and buying, they normally fill out the bill of sale template. This document is valid in the United States, and the template varies from state to state.

A bill of sale proves that the sale deal is closed. In the majority of US states, you need to include this form in your package of documents when you register the received vehicle. Plus, a bill of sale is protecting a new owner’s possession rights.

Every such document has a basic description of the vehicle along with the deal participants’ personal information. There are states where the form has to be notarized. Notarizing the bill of sale in New York is not mandatory.

Creating a bill of sale (or Form MV-912) that accompanies the deal is mandatory in New York. You need this paper to succeed in the registry. In conformity with the official rules of the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a bill of sale is used as an addition to verifying that a person who obtained a vehicle owns it.

New York bill of sale templates – explore several other bills of sale common in New York.

Fillable New York Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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New York Vehicle Registering Procedures

The vehicle registration process in New York is tied to a moderate document package and various fees. The DMV office warns a vehicle owner that he or she has to obtain valid insurance for the vehicle. After this is done, a person has a 180-days period to complete the process of registration in the state of New York.

Besides the insurance and bill of sale, there are other documents that are required. Let’s have a closer look at the list of papers one provides when going through the process:

  • A valid ID card or driving license
  • A form MV-82 (this paper states that you are applying to the registration, also referred to as the “Application for Vehicle Registration”)
  • A title certificate
  • A form DTF-802 (required in such deals, also named the “Statement of Transaction.”

Along with the papers listed above, do not forget to cover the fees and taxes, and add all of the receipts to your paper set.

To register the vehicle, one has to apply to the DMV Office of New York located in his or her area.

How to Fill Out the Form

Filling out the sale bill in New York is easy: the form is brief and not loaded with details. You will spend 15 minutes max to complete the process.

You can learn about the exact steps below:

1. Download the Bill of Sale Template

To start, parties should download the template of the form. You may use our form building software for it. Open the file with the form and print it out. It is more convenient, fill the form out with a laptop, print out, and sign.

2. Add Parties’ Names and Price of the Vehicle

In the beginning, there is a line for the full name of the person who is selling. Then, you add the price that the sides had agreed on. The third line has space for the full name of the one who is purchasing.

3. Add Vehicle Details

Here, the signatories have to provide some information that describes the sold vehicle, including the model and the manufacturer, and the production year, and the unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

4. State Terms and Conditions

If you need a bill of sale in New York, lets you list some terms and conditions you want to record for this deal.

5. Insert Parties’ Info

Here, both deal participants add their full names. The addresses are optional, so you can leave this line blank if preferred.

6. Sign the Form

Finally, both parties need to leave their signatures at the bottom of the form and put a relevant date.

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